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Breeza Rodriguez

15 | love indie music
living for her, in memory of him.

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all my friends always lie to me.


The Neighbourhood performing W.D.Y.W.F.M. - Jesse Rutherford

This always hurts me on some level, even though you don’t mean shit.


me on my way to sunday school

Me, everyday.


Elvis and Kurt Russel in It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963).


“I don’t do drugs, I don’t even like them, but they’re there and it’s a reality. If I don’t take care of that business somebody else will.”

Montaya Santana 


I like this idea of accepting into the Chican@ culture, regardless of color.

- American Me (1992)


American Me (1992) - Open Your Eyes Vato



I’ve been thinking about the crossover tour a lot. I’ve even had dreams about it. It’s just this whole different world for us, you know? We’ve been working for this ever since we were kids. I guess I’m a little scared. Are they gonna love me, mama?
Yes, mija. They’re going to love you.

Selena (1997)


i knew myself before i knew anyone