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Breeza Rodriguez

15, love indie music, miss my dad.
rip 11.24.13
I'm socially awkward and quiet shy.

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"wow you didn’t know that?"

Yeah I didn’t thats why I asked bitch






I will never sleep again

Okay, so this girl has like my boyfriend for a while, and she was pissed off when she found out we were together since mid last year, and she has been texting him saying she is cutting her self. I want to be a bitch and tell her to leave him alone, but she is cutting herself for problems other than not having him as a boyfriend. I don’t want to be rude and call her an attention seeker, and he doesn’t want to give her false hope. He is treating like his girlfriend and I am pretty upset about it, like he doesn’t know I’ve been cutting myself since before we started dating, and I don’t want to tell him, he could think I’m lying but, I’m just feeling depressed and lonely…suicide hasn’t been on my mind for a while, but everything from my loneliness to my dad passing away, have just made everything worse.


💜 on We Heart It.


Love is a losing game.


It was too late on We Heart It.


Watching one of  Johnny Bravo’s episode  and I saw this scene, and i thought….

childhood ruin.

how did i not notice this as a innocent child